Achat de billets

samedi, 7 avril 2018 22h00
Chateau du Lac, Hudson, QC
  • 18 ans et plus
Type d'admission Prix Quantité
Les ventes en lignes pour cet événement sont fermées!
Détails de l’événement
  • Prix du billet: CAD $8.00
  • Heure d'ouverture des portes: 21h00
  • Type de spectacle: Live Show
  • Restrictions: 18 ans et plus
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WHAT IS …. FunKtion [fuhngk-shuh-n] noun 1 ) the natural action or intended purpose of a person or thing that has been Funkified 2) an official or formal ceremonious public or social gathering or occasion! 3) to operate or perform as specified; to work properly …….. Getting it Funkin RIGHT! ….. It’s A What You See is what ya get Situation …. Want something better to do tonight? Come out and play with us …… Jeff Starz (Big J) - Vocals / Guitar Rami Cassab - Guitar Dan Legault - Drums Daniel Prevost - Bass

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Online $8
Door $12