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  • Club Vibes

    vendredi, 23 mars, 2018 à 22h00

    Karl B - A dominant seasoned veteran DJ & MC Producer, in the Montréal club scene. Club Vibes, is an evening of the best current club anthems! From Deep House, House, Dance, Urban a...

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  • Exit 22

    samedi, 24 mars, 2018 à 22h00

    Due to the untimely passing of Gord Downie and the final tour of The Tragically Hip, Exit 22 has embarked on a project to pay loving tribute to Gord and the band. Playing fan favourites as well as a g...

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  • UPSTAGE SERIES w/Blair Mackay & Roger Mann & Peter Wilson

    dimanche, 25 mars, 2018 à 19h00

    A collaborative event between The Hudson Music Festival. A real ‘Music Mann’ for over 35 years Roger Mann started his musical career playing acoustic guitar and playing drums at a very you...

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    vendredi, 30 mars, 2018 à 22h00

    Gotta burn to shine. | Emerging female DJ | Occasional comedian | MTL. https://soundcloud.com/charliesangelsftw https://www.mixcloud.com/MVTHILDE_/ Open Bar Menu 10pm - 12pm - Tickets: ...

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  • Kali and Dub

    samedi, 31 mars, 2018 à 21h30

    Hayes Kali Thurton; singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer has been an ambassador for Canadian reggae music since 1976. From the likes of Reggae greats Leroy Sibbles, Johnny Osborne, E...

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  • Funktion

    samedi, 7 avr., 2018 à 22h00

    WHAT IS …. FunKtion [fuhngk-shuh-n] noun 1 ) the natural action or intended purpose of a person or thing that has been Funkified 2) an official or formal ceremonious public or social gathering ...

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  • Album Covers

    samedi, 14 avr., 2018 à 21h00

    Covering all the greatest classics, Montreal based Album Covers is made up Sir JKay (Guitar/Vox), Dickey Whiteman (Drums/Vox) and Cliff Cripps (Bass). The group was started with the sole purpose of pl...

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  • Mike Sanders & The Devil Dawgs

    samedi, 21 avr., 2018 à 22h00

    Michael est le seul flûtiste de Blues masculin professionnel en Amérique du Nord, qui rend son groupe unique! Sa voix rauque a été comparée à Johnny Winter, &a...

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  • The Divas of Pop

    samedi, 28 avr., 2018 à 22h00

    A tribute to women in music! Featuring: Karine Deschamps Keri Anderson Lyne Ste-Marie Teresa Estrada Musicians: Antony Chliaropoulos Mike Simpson Ed Lareau Naveen U'dani Artists covered: Madonna, ...

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  • UPSTAGE SERIES w/Blair Mackay & Friends

    dimanche, 29 avr., 2018 à 18h00

    A collaborative event between The Hudson Music Festival. Tickets: $6 Online $10 Door

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  • Wang Dang Doodle

    samedi, 5 mai, 2018 à 22h00

    Dès l’âge de 14 ans Marc apprend la guitare classique à la polyvalente. Mais lorsqu’il entend “Smoke on the Water” du groupe britannique “Deep Purple&...

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  • Tim Smith and the 444's

    samedi, 12 mai, 2018 à 22h00

    The 444S , who are releasing their sophomore album in June of this year. The 444S have rendered fans in bars and concert halls alike teeming with anticipation for the release of their second studio al...

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  • Mark Crissinger - FREE SHOW

    jeudi, 17 mai, 2018 à 18h00

    2017 Maple Blues Award Nominee Mark Crissinger performs over a hundred shows a year on Vancouver Island and beyond. He has been playing in pubs and clubs, festivals and fairs since 1987 and continues ...

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  • The One Love Project

    samedi, 19 mai, 2018 à 22h00

    THE ONE LOVE PROJECT is a band of extremely versatile musicians that have been rocking the seen for more than 25 years. Dano Peace, David Segreti Stephane Gaudreau and Wes Smith are a very generous, h...

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  • Derek Falls Trio

    samedi, 26 mai, 2018 à 22h00

    DEREK FALLS TRIO: (Blues, R&B/Soul, Rock) There is something for everyone with Derek Falls. He is a mix of Blues, R&B, Soul, Pop and Rock all rolled up into one awesome performer. Derek often ...

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  • The Hellbound Hepcats

    samedi, 2 juin, 2018 à 22h00

    The Hellbound Hepcats are bringing back the sound of the 1950's with an aggressive, big-beat twist-seamlessly fusing elements of Johnny Burnette, Chuck Berry and Brian Setzer with the pure energy ...

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    Artists Performing:
    • The Hellbound Hepcats
  • Hidden Secret

    samedi, 16 juin, 2018 à 22h00

    Hidden Secret’s music repertoire includes everything from rock, pop, funk, R&B, dance , disco from 60’s music to today’s music. Everything that will keep you dancing. Tickets ...

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  • Shane Murphy

    samedi, 23 juin, 2018 à 22h00

    Depuis ses débuts, Shane Murphy a donné plus de 1000 représentations. En vrai Fighting Irish, il dompte la guitare avec son blues folk viril à souhait, empreint &agr...

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    Où: Chateau du Lac 460 Rue Main Hudson, QC J0P 1H0
  • See Spot Run - The Fox's Run Reunion

    samedi, 30 juin, 2018 à 22h00

    This summer, See Spot Run will release their fifth album “Pretty Holiday”. They will also release a video to go with their first single “Burning Down the House”, originally rec...

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  • The Hopping Penguins

    samedi, 4 août, 2018 à 22h00

    HALIFAX-BORN PARTY BAND EXTRAORDINAIRE – THE HOPPING PENGUINS – RETURN TO THE CHATEAU DU LAC! The Hopping Penguins were formed in Halifax in 1982. The band is fronted by Peter Baylis, with...

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  • The James Green Electric

    samedi, 11 août, 2018 à 21h30

    From Chicago to Asia , guitarist James Green has hypnotized audiences around the world since 1979. James, a Montréal native, is known on the local and international music scene with performance...

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  • Oktoberfest Hudson

    samedi, 13 oct., 2018 à 15h00

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  • Halloween 2018

    samedi, 27 oct., 2018 à 22h00

    Halloween is a time of celebration and superstition at the Chateau du Lac. With a Spooky theme, this year’s event will be the best one yet! Best Costume Prizes Include: ...

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  • Losers Night :: A Christmas Tradition

    mardi, 25 déc., 2018 à 22h00

    This tradition started in 1989, in the days when people generally stayed home with their families on Christmas night. One night the bar stayed open to accomadate clients that had no Christmas ...

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