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  • Blues Gator

    samedi, 28 juil., 2018 à 22h00

    BLUES GATOR is a Montreal based, high energy, blues/rock band. They play a unique and dynamic blend of classic blues and quintessential rock. Lead singer, Ajo Tomasso, is well known for his excellent ...

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  • Park Rising presents The Hopping Penguins

    samedi, 4 août, 2018 à 22h00

    The Hopping Penguins were formed in Halifax in 1982. The band is fronted by Peter Baylis, with Andrew Lordly on sax, Gary Edwards on drums, Basil Chaisson on guitar, Pete King on bass, Brad Conrad on ...

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  • Double Take - Free Show

    jeudi, 9 août, 2018 à 19h00

    Double Take is an acoustic duo with no limitations. This act featuring seasoned Montreal musicians Andy Cook & Lyne Ste-Marie plays covers ranging from artists such as Prince,The Beatles,Portugal ...

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  • El Proyecto Colectivo

    samedi, 11 août, 2018 à 21h30

    El Proyecto Colectivo is, literally, the creative project of a collective of musician friends with a unifying common objective: to explore and settle into deep-rooted grooves, infectious and inviting....

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  • Brian Greenway’s Blues Bus

    samedi, 25 août, 2018 à 19h00

    Brian Greenway formed the “Blues Bus” Band for the pure joy of reviving - and performing – the greatest forgotten songs from the classic era of vinyl recording. From the British Inva...

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  • Shane Murphy

    samedi, 1 sept., 2018 à 22h00

    Depuis ses débuts, Shane Murphy a donné plus de 1000 représentations. En vrai Fighting Irish, il dompte la guitare avec son blues folk viril à souhait, empreint &agr...

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    Où: Chateau du Lac 460 Rue Main Hudson, QC J0P 1H0
  • The One Love Project

    samedi, 8 sept., 2018 à 22h00

    THE ONE LOVE PROJECT is a band of extremely versatile musicians that have been rocking the seen for more than 25 years. Dano Peace, David Segreti Stephane Gaudreau and Wes Smith are a very generous, h...

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  • Exit 22

    samedi, 6 oct., 2018 à 22h00

    Due to the untimely passing of Gord Downie and the final tour of The Tragically Hip, Exit 22 has embarked on a project to pay loving tribute to Gord and the band. Playing fan favourites as well as a g...

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  • Funktion

    samedi, 13 oct., 2018 à 22h00

    WHAT IS …. FunKtion [fuhngk-shuh-n] noun 1 ) the natural action or intended purpose of a person or thing that has been Funkified 2) an official or formal ceremonious public or social gathering ...

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  • Halloween 2018

    samedi, 27 oct., 2018 à 22h00

    Halloween is a time of celebration and superstition at the Chateau du Lac. With a Spooky theme, this year’s event will be the best one yet! Best Costume Prizes Include: ...

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  • Losers Night :: A Christmas Tradition

    mardi, 25 déc., 2018 à 22h00

    This tradition started in 1989, in the days when people generally stayed home with their families on Christmas night. One night the bar stayed open to accomadate clients that had no Christmas ...

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